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The Shasta Mantram

Aashyaama Komalavishaalatanum Vichitra
Vaasovasaanam Arunotpala Daamahastam
Uttungaratnamakutam Kutilaagrakesam
Shaastaaram Ishtavaradam Sharanam Prapadhye

There are several temples dedicated to Lord Ayyappan all over the world. Some of the important temples are :


Lord Ayyappa is a child here.


Here Lord Ayyappa is a bachelor.


Lord Ayyappa here is known as Shri Dharmasastha with Poorna & Pushkala as his wives.


Here Lord Ayyappa is a Celibate, Yogi in meditation for the benefit of all his devotees.


If there are any other Mantras on Ayyappa, please forward the same so that it can be incorporated inside this site.

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