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I would like to introduce me to you as

I come from a place where sccer runs in people's veins"


Namaskaram, Namaste, Hello, Hi,

I am   Prasad  Damodaran, Age 22 Years,  S/o Mr. P. Damodaran. 

My  favourite  players  are Alan Shearer of  Newcastle United Football   Club   in   England   and  Ronaldo Edmundo  Louis Nazario De Lima of Brazil.

Meaning of  Prasad

When  you  offer  the  fruits  of   your  actions to God,  he will gladly accept them and then He  will return to you,  but with a difference. Before you offered them they were yours, i.e., you owned  them,  and  when  you  get  them  back,  the sanctified fruits  will  not  be yours;  you  will  simply have them, but not own them.  Then you will be more liberal in sharing them with others.

There  is  a  practice in temples, in which the devotees offer a coconut,  five  bananas  and  some flowers  to  the  diety. The priest  breaks  the coconut  into  two  halves,  offers the entire contents  to  the diety and returns one-half of the coconut and four  bananas  to  the  devotee and retains the rest for himself. When  the devotee gets it back, it becomes sanctified Prasad, and  he  loses  the  ownership  of  this  Prasad,  which is then
taken  home  and  distributed  among the family members and friends  and perhaps each will get a small piece of banana and no  one  will  complain about the size of the fruit given to him. The belief is that
God's Prasad (Prasad actually means Grace) should be distributed among as many people as possible.

If one offers the fruits of his actions to God, gets them back as His Prasad and shares with others, his action will not bind him. He  should "have, but not own the fruit". With this attitude, he develops   a   sense   of   detachment  towards the objects he acquires.